The story of ADVANCED is one of experience throughout all facets of the capital markets. It is one of adapting to the reality that markets and environments change. It's one of finding opportunity and capitalizing on it.

ADVANCED was founded in 2002, by traders and investors with an extensive history in the industry.

Our experience includes brokerage and clearing services, systematic development and programming, trading all asset classes as independent traders and with prop firms, career placement and capital funding.

That is where the current story of ADVANCED begins and is best defined by our vision.

To match successful traders with the capital they need to further their careers.

Our focus is on building relationships, based on trust, mutual respect and a common goal of achieving success, for it is relationships not transactions that create longevity.


ADVANCED is a unique, worldwide organization that specializes as a Trader's Agent, similar to the concept of a sports agency, but for traders. ADVANCED owns, manages and runs their own Proprietary Firm. We have a vast network of investors that include: "high net worth" individuals, hedge funds, family offices and other proprietary firms within the global marketplace. We are also involved in the Silicon Valley trading community, which gives us the ability to offer you the latest, high tech version of a vast number of trading solutions. We are connected to many global exchanges around the world which continues to expand. ADVANCED traders have access to our developers for their algorithms on both equities and futures. As we grow our marketplace, we are looking to expand with those traders that have sophisticated algorithmic, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities as well as those involved in discretionary trading.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about ADVANCED. If you like what you are hearing and want to learn more please contact us.

Thank you,

Mark Hyman, Founder

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